What are Sexually transmitted infections?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are diseases passed on from one person to another through unprotected sex (sex without a condom) or genital contact. So we're not just talking full on sex here.

STI's are really common so chances are you will probably know people that have picked one up at some point, but because they are associated with our sexy bits people can be a bit embarrassed about STIs.

The problem is you can't necessarily tell by looking whether someone has an STI, very often people have no symptoms and they may not even know themselves. When there are symptoms they can be really painful and they may effect your ability to have kids if left untreated.

To find out about the different STIs have a look at what NHS Diect wales has to say here

Where can I get an STI screening?

There are loads of places you can get tested for STIs, ABMU NHS have an Integrated Sexual Health Clinic at Singleton Hospital, they also run outreach clinics across Swansea including one with us at Info-Nation every Wednesday afternoon 2-5.30pm.

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​What do I have to do for a screening?

​When you arrive at the clinic they will give you a form to fill out. At the main clinics you can hand this back in at reception, but at the outreach clinics you'll need to give it to the nurse when you see them.

Don't worry you do not always need a physical examination by a nurse or doctor

How do I get the results?

When you complete the form prior to the test it asks you how you would like them to contact you. Normally its by text or phone. It may take a couple of weeks, but if you do want to chase up your test contact the clinic 0300 5550279

If you had a test at Info-Nation our staff don't have access to your results so you will still need to contact the clinic.

Is going for an STI screening Confidential?

Yes, you have the right to access confidential services to support your sexual health; even if you are under 16. This means other people do not need to know. There are certain situations where a professional will encourage you to discuss things with your parents if they feel you may need extra support to keep you safe.

If you are under 13 we will give you the service that you need, but will have to discuss with another professional as we have to ensure that you are safe.

Visit our confidentiality page for more details.

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"Do boys have to have the Umbrella?"
Nope. We quite often here this. But actually for guys to have a basic screening all they have to do is pee in a pot.
On occasions when they do need the dreaded swab its nothing like an umbrella.