Are there any rules?

To join the community you must be one of our services users so we have to know you on the real world. Or you may be able to join through one of our partners such as your school, college or other project. They will have a team.

To join and register for a game you need to complete the form below remembering to select your team, your workers name and the game you wish to join. They will approve your membership. If you are under 16 years of age they will ask you to complete a parental consent for that will need to be signed by a parent or guardian. Be carefull when you enter your gamertag as we will need it to find you and invite you to the community.

You can access the game from your home console and when the games about to start our moderators will invite you to a party then its game on. Please remember you have to own your own copy of the game running on your console to join in.

To join the community you will have to access one of our services in the real world. We work the same online as we do in the real world so basically be nice, be respectful and try not to swear to much.

What is Evolve Gaming?

Evolve gaming is an online gaming community space facilitated by Evolve Young Peoples Service.  As a youth service we wish to engage with young people that we work with in as many ways as possible so we thought we would have a go at creating an online space where we can safely have a go at a bit of gaming. Basically its a members only gaming community allowing us to play multiplayer games with our service users without anybody else we do not know butting in. Its only open to people we know and work with in the real world. some games will be open to all members whilst others will be open to specific groups.

We have set up the members  only communities on XBox One and PS4.

How to join the community?