What is #Dontgoitalone?

Don't go it alone is a campaign in Swansea aimed at helping young people feel safe to speak to someone if their emotional health has been impacted upon by Cannabis or Alcohol.

Basically its long been known that Alcohol and drugs effect your mood and emotions. And if you are finding your struggling with your emotions and you're someone that does use Cannabis or Alcohol, or someone that's cutting down or giving up? or you are considering this we want you to know that you don't have to do it on your own.

We want you to know that you can get Free and Confidential support meaning we wont tell anyone as long as you are safe. Even is you are under 16!

If you are struggling due to the pandemic, meaning your feeling down and using more or less Cannabis or alcohol it will effect your emotions. Please speak to someone!

If you have a friend that is using more or less Cannabis or Alcohol. Please speak to someone!

Click here for our fact sheets on Alcohol and Cannabis.

Who can I speak to?

Choices is a young persons substance misuse project in Swansea. They work on harm minimisation and provide advice and support on how to keep yourself or someone else safe when it comes to substances. Choices are based within the Info-Nation building in Swansea City Centre.

Click on the image to chat to someone from Choices now.

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Info-Nation is Swansea Council's Free & Confidential Youth Information Service. During the pandemic Info-Nation is operating a little differently. So explore this site to find out more and also if you wish to contact us one of the team is online every weekday afternoon if you wish to have a chat with someone. Drop us a line via Facebook messenger or Instagram or check out the contact page on this website.


Gorseinon Youth Club

Like lots of services Gorseinon Youth Club is operating a little differently at the moment due to COVID 19. To find out how they can help get in touch with them via their Instagram or Facebook page.


The Exchange Counselling


The Exchange offers Counselling for young people in Swansea. Its Free and Confidential and if you are not sure you can try them out by Speaking to them online.

If you are under 16 they offer Counselling in School and outside of school if you are worried about others knowing. To speak to them click on the logo and then on the blue chat bubble.

National 24 hour Helplines

There are a number of national 24 hour helplines offering the chance to speak to someone either online or over the phone. They are free and confidential and will even call you back if you are struggling what ever time of day.

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