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Our drop-in service has moved online. Drop us a message via this site, Facebook or Instagram and our team will get back to you, whatever your question!


The duty team is available and can be contacted on 01792 460007. They are working from the YOS building, across the road. YPAs and social workers can be contacted on their mobiles.


Choices staff can be contacted on 01792 472002, or on their mobiles.

Cam Nesa staff can be contacted on their mobiles.

C-Card & Sexual Health Clinic:

Message us and we'll arrange an appointment.

Any problems, drop us a message through the website.

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What is Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

What is Social distancing?




Info-Nation Services during COVID-19 Lockdown

Wash your hands more often

It's really important we all wash our hands more often. Particularly before we touch our face. Remember to do it each time you leave or enter the house, visit the bathroom, prepare or eat food.




Keep Listening

It's really important that we all keep listening to the advice given to us by the government and medical experts. And also that we make an extra effort to listen to the people we live with, and those we care about. We know that can be tough some times.

  • Keep yourself and the people you live with up to date.

  • If you’re good with tech why not show your family and friends how they can stay connected online.

  • Remember you can only trust info from recognised sources.


Trusted Social media Sources you can follow:

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information cente


Public Health Wales

Department of Health & Social Care - DHSC

Swansea Bay NHS

Swansea Council




Keep Talking

It can be tough being stuck at home, especially when you can't get a break from people or really miss seeing other people. But now more than ever we need to talk to each other



  • Talk to the people you live with. Even when you're upset with each other.

  • Talk to your friends and family online. Even if you can't see people in person you can still hang out online.

  • Help out the oldies with technology. Now is the time to show family members that tech can be really useful.

  • If you are struggling ask for help. If you are finding it tough contact us or one of our recommended organisations who can help you.

  • If your using apps like HouseParty remember to hit the lock picture to stop people you don't know coming to your room.


Talk to us

The Exchange Counselling Service (For young people in Swansea)


What is Houseparty? - and other internet saftey resources